Europe Predicts Our Weather Way Better Than We Do!

I was SHOCKED to learn that our (U.S.) weather prediction capabilities could be SO much better than they are right now!

  • Did you know that the European meteorologists correctly predicted hurricane Sandy when we didn’t?
  • Did you know that (according to Willard Scott) our weather predicting has been an ongoing joke to the Europeans for over a decade?

I sure didn’t! They routinely get our weather right and we don’t! But, did you know that our weather service could be WAY ahead of even where the European meteorology service is? What’s holding us back?

Bureaucracy and lack of funds. Pure and simple! We could save so many lives and save so much money if we’d get our National Weather Service where it needs to be!

Please, check out this link below and forward this information to everyone you can! This is something that every American needs to know about.

(BTW, Today also did a story about this, which you can watch here)


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