What’s Really Behind Global Warming?

Q: “It’s already December and it still feels great outside. Does this mean global warming is coming? Should I be worried? “ - Liane

A: The global warming (now called “Climate Change”) debate is a very heated one (get it?) and it’s fairly easy to see why. When our safety and the future of this planet are in jeopardy, that’s about as important as an issue can get.

The further you get into the debate, the more and more confusing it is. Hearing just one side will make you convinced that it’s an open and shut case. But, if you hear the rebuttal from the other side you will change your mind and realize those convincing arguments were full of holes. It keeps on like this until you get to the point that you realize that we honestly don’t know for sure what’s going on.

It seems everyone has already made up their mind and very little unbiased research is going on. Climate change is big business for certain energy companies and those who are invested in green technologies. But, it also threatens to put certain big companies out of business.


But, at least we can trust scientists right? Unfortunately, no. Scientists get their funding from either the government or big companies, both of which either benefit or lose from climate change legislation. Such legislation would give the government an immense amount of power over almost every aspect of life. There’s a big power struggle going on between big business and government.
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For scientists to get funding from the government, they have to convince the government to give them grants. That’s not an easy thing to do. But, anything relating to climate change is an almost guaranteed grant. In order to keep getting funding you have to give what those paying you want to see. For the most part, I don’t think it’s malicious, I just think there’s a strong bias.

That said, there is a lot of corruption in places like the Climatic Research Unit which was evidenced by the “climate gate” scandal where scientists were caught admitting manipulation of data among other things.

But, I believe there is something much deeper fueling all of this. After all, human contribution to greenhouse gasses is only .28% (once water vapor is factored in). So, even if we eliminated all the manmade greenhouse gasses, it wouldn’t make much difference. Some argue that even a tiny change can result in disastrous effects to our climate. But, doesn’t the amount of greenhouse gasses change more than that naturally?

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that climate is something we can’t control and that terrifies us. I think that’s the big issue. We can’t figure it out, predict it, or change it. Human nature is to try desperately to control everything. That’s why all the early human civilizations created gods who control all the things they can’t. Maybe if they pray and sacrifice to their gods, they can change the outcome in their favor. We can’t just sit back and accept that we’re helpless. We feel like we have to do something! Anything!

I wonder if “climate change” has become our god who we sacrifice to in hopes to maybe save ourselves. Our planet has been hotter and colder in the past than we can probably survive. It will be that way again. We are helpless. Only God can control the weather. And we can’t control God, no matter how much we pray or sacrifice.

Sure, we should respect the creation God made and should try and be as clean as we can. If we can come up with a cleaner form of energy that’s just as efficient, we should use it! And I’m all for trying our best to try and figure out as much as we can. But, in the end, we need to realize that there are things that are out of our control – that are bigger than us.

God wants us to realize this and give up control to Him – to be fully reliant on God. Because, in the end, we are reliant on Him, we just don’t want to believe it! We want to believe we can handle life on our own, but the idea of climate change challenges that. That’s why I think we are reacting to it the way we are. Some want to believe we can control it, some stick their heads in the sand and deny it, and some try to control God much the same way early civilizations did.

God can’t be controlled. Neither can the weather. But, if we give our lives to God and trust that whatever He decides is best, then we have nothing to fear! In my opinion, that’s why “climate change” is so important.

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- Jim Graham
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