It's not just for men!

It’s not just for men!

God has a brilliant design for dating.

He designed it to work a specific way, but we’ve been ignorant of it and the “pick-up” artists manipulate it to get any girl they want. As a result, both men and women have suffered greatly!

Mothers, PLEASE give this book to your sons!
It will save them so much pain!

Shouldn’t guys just be themselves?

It’s not about being someone we aren’t, it’s about becoming the man God created us to be! Women are dating jerks because we men have really failed them. They are so desperate for the right kind of man that they are turning to jerks who give them a small morsel of what they are starved for, but it’s not real.

When we do it right, we blossom and grow in ways we never anticipated. You won’t believe the difference! God created a great design, but our society and sin have warped it. We need to get back to the way it’s supposed to be.

The only book of its kind!

There are a lot of books on Christian dating out there, but none like this. None of them answer the real questions guys like us have. Trust me, I’ve looked!

There are some books out there now on attracting girls, but they are definitely not for Christians. They involve manipulation, sexual behavior, and going places/doing things that God would definitely not approve of. When it comes to Christian dating, we have pretty much been left in the cold…until now, of course.

What Am I Doing Wrong

by Jim Graham

101 Pages

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